Welcome to Atlantic Sun Virtual Airline
We are based out of four main hubs - Denver, Orlando, Boston and Amsterdam Schiphol. Additionally, we started operating out of Singapore Changi Intl. under our LCC brand S.E.A. Gull in 2008.

Founded in September of 1998, Atlantic Sun continues to strive for excellence, and we continue to meet our ultimate goal each and every day - to provide pilots with a realistic flight experience while maintaining an organized and professional environment. Atlantic Sun Airways is definitely a one of-a-kind virtual airline. Offering nearly unlimited numbers of flights per day, using different state-of-the-art aircraft, we provide an enjoyable and fulfilling virtual pilot experience.

Join today - we would love to have you as part of the team.
Atlantic Sun Airways... 'Expect more'.

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Atlantic Sun Airways :: Screenshot of the week :: by Chris B.
Screenshot of the week
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Atlantic Sun welcomes
Latest Denver pilot
Rocky M. joined 2015-05-20
El Paso, Texas, United States
Latest Boston pilot
John R. joined 2015-05-25
Presque Isle, Maine, United States
Latest Orlando pilot
Kevin B. joined 2015-05-24
Dillwyn, VA, United States
Latest Schiphol pilot
Nuno P. joined 2015-05-29
Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
Latest Singapore pilot
William C. joined 2012-02-26
Athens, Attica, Greece
Atlantic Sun :: Top Pilots
Denver's Top Pilot (May. 2015)
Joshua P., 77 hrs (123 total)
Boston's Top Pilot (May. 2015)
Charlie Z., 117 hrs (3,188 total)
Orlando's Top Pilot (May. 2015)
Brian J., 209 hrs (555 total)
Schiphol's Top Pilot (May. 2015)
Florian M., 69 hrs (5,193 total)
Singapore's Top Pilot (May. 2015)
Brendan S., 133 hrs (437 total)
Atlantic Sun :: Latest Flight Reports
Latest Denver Flight Report
Pilot: Cliff H.
Flight #: 1253 (B-777-300)
Departed: 0902 from KDEN
Arrived: 1434 at KBOS
Hours: 3.6
Latest Boston Flight Report
Pilot: Glenn B.
Flight #: 4605 (CRJ-200ER)
Departed: 1318 from KALB
Arrived: 1355 at KJFK
Hours: 0.6
Latest Orlando Flight Report
Pilot: Andrew W.
Flight #: 4676 (CRJ-200ER)
Departed: 1954 from EDDK
Arrived: 2040 at EDDH
Hours: 0.8
Latest Schiphol Flight Report
Pilot: Florian M.
Flight #: 7915 (B-727-200F)
Departed: 1212 from DAAG
Arrived: 1548 at EDDF
Hours: 2.6
Latest Singapore Flight Report
Pilot: Joseph D.
Flight #: 2341 (B-737-900ER)
Departed: 2048 from RPVM
Arrived: 2248 at WSSS
Hours: 4