About :: Atlantic Sun Airways
Atlantic Sun Airways was started in September of 1998 by two aspiring flightsimmers - Sean White and Aaron TerBest. Along with the creation of Atlantic Sun Airways came an era of virtual airline history. Although the starting of the airline was slow, this VA was soon accepted into a major flight simming organization. The airline had established 6 hubs in no time, and had a large flight simming audience.

The airline kept growing at a steady rate until, in mid 2001, Atlantic Sun Airways underwent a major restructuring. This restructuring involved removing inactive pilots, creating a brand new, easier to use website, acquiring a domain name, and the ordering of a brand new fleet, as well as the removal of three hubs.

In Mid 2003, Atlantic Sun Airways left virtualairlines.com to pursue things in the virtual world on its own. After this change, the airline restructured its fleet and flight schedules, and came out with an entirely new website design.

In 2008, just in time for the 10th anniversary, Atlantic Sun Airways started its own low cost carrier S.E.A.Gull, based at Changi Intl. Airport, Singapore, to serve the growing markets in South-East Asia.

Atlantic Sun Airways continues to grow and is a one of its kind airline in the VA hobby today. With Atlantic Sun Airways, you can always 'expect more.'

Atlantic Sun Airways :: Mission Statement
Atlantic Sun Airways has one mission... to provide pilots the most fun, realistic, and unique experience possible while maintaining a professional and entertaining environment. Atlantic Sun Airways believes that the most important person in the virtual aviation hobby is the pilot.

That's what the hobby is all about. Flying. Fun. Entertainment. Atlantic Sun Airways acts as a gateway to this exciting field.

Atlantic Sun Airways is built firmly on a foundation of excellence, uniqueness, experience, and professionalism. We do not discriminate based on sex, race, age, gender, or physical abilities. We are always looking for fun, hard working, and ambitious people to join our team.