Atlantic Sun Airways :: CAT B Quiz
Welcome to our Cat B Pilot Knowledge Quiz! The quiz is divided into five areas of pilot knowledge. Each area has five multiple-choice questions. Participation in the quiz is voluntary. Success, which is 70% correct, in the quiz will be rewarded with a Cat B qualification ribbon on your hub roster page. Be advised that you have to be ranked First Officer (or higher) and hold Quiz A ribbon to submit this form.

CAT B Quiz :: Weight and Balance
1. In a 60 deg. banked, constant altitude turn, what is the load the wings will be carrying if your ATR-72 weighs 49,604 lbs. at takeoff.

2. Which of the following will a heavier airplane NOT have?

3. Gross Weight is Empty Weight plus:

4. One gallon of oil weighs:

5. It is OK to takeoff with the CG aft of the rear limit of the CG envelope because your fuel burn will make move forward.
CAT B Quiz :: Aerodynamics
1. Lift depends on:

2. As coefficient of lift (CL) increases, the angle of attack also increases.

3. Your Boeing 737-800 has a certified weight of 174,200 pounds and a wing area of 1,340 sq. ft. What is the wing loading at maximum weight?

4. As speed doubles, your drag is

5. The lift generated by an airfoil is
CAT B Quiz :: Aircraft Performance
1. If you rotate PRIOR to Vr, your takeoff run will:

2. Choice of cruise altitude depends on many factors, among them is:

3. Which V speed will give you the maximum altitude in the shortest distance?

4. Two Cessna 172s are at the same altitude and airspeed. Assuming no wind, and one weighs 200 lbs more than the other, which one will glide further of they cut their engines at the same moment and the pilots use proper technique?

5. If the outside air temperature is ISA +10, your climb performance will be:
CAT B Quiz :: Weather
1. You are cruising at FL260 in ASA's 737-800. You are flying in the region of the atmosphere known as the:

2. Standard conditions at sea level on a standard day are:

3. Katabatic winds blow:

4. Every physical process of weather is accompanied by or is the result of:

5. Flying conditions beneath an inversion are likely to be
CAT B Quiz :: Airport Operations
1. Your COMM 1 & 2 radios have failed as you wait for takeoff. The control tower gives you a steady green light. This means:

2. After landing at a tower-controlled airport, when should you contact Ground Control?

3. What color is the airport symbol on a VFR sectional chart if the airport has an operational control tower?

4. Taxiway centerline lights are colored:

5. The color pattern emitted by the rotating beacon at a civil airport is ___ followed by ___ followed by ___.