Atlantic Sun Airways :: CAT C Quiz
Welcome to our Cat C Pilot Knowledge Quiz! The quiz is divided into five areas of pilot knowledge. Each area has five multiple-choice questions. Participation in the quiz is voluntary. Success, which is 70% correct, in the quiz will be rewarded with a Cat C qualification ribbon on your hub roster page. Be advised that you have to be ranked Senior Captain (or higher) and hold Quiz A and B ribbons to submit this form.

CAT C Quiz :: Weight and Balance
1. LEMAC is 80 inches, and TEMAC is 140 inches. What is MAC?

2. The Leading edge of MAC is 75 inches aft of the datum, and the length of the MAC is 40 inches. What art the CG limits expressed in inches aft of the datum if the MAC limits are: Forward 13.75%, and Rear 25.07%?

3. Zero Fuel Weight (ZFW) includes any undrainable fuel weight.

4. Station Zero is often referred to as:

5. An airplane is easier to control with the CG ___ of the Center of Pressure (CP).
CAT C Quiz :: Aerodynamics
1. Drag is considered in two basic groups:

2. Flush riveting and polishing the surface of a airplane reduce:

3. To maintain a steady speed while straight-and-level, the thrust required is:

4. Wing flaps at the recommended takeoff setting in the 747

5. The primary use of spoilers is to decrease the ___ produced by the wing.
CAT C Quiz :: Aircraft Performance
1. What is the FAA's definition of the Critical Engine?

2. V2 is

3. Compared to no-wind condition, what effect would a 20 knot headwind have on takeoff performance?

4. Which factor has the effect of increasing V1?

5. Why is 36,000 feet considered an optimum altitude for most airplanes during long range flights?
CAT C Quiz :: Aeronautical Knowledge
1. If you loose cabin pressure at 35,000 feet, how much time of useful consciousness do you have if you do not wear you oxygen mask?

2. You observe a red position light holding a steady position at your altitude in your windshield, and you realize that:

3. The potential for a midair collision is greatest:

4. TC tells you to "Go-Around". What is the proper order of operations to get the plane into a missed approach configuration?

5. You are climbing at Mach.78, your TAS will:
CAT C Quiz :: Airport Operations
1. An airport is considered "controlled" if it has:

2. The distance to announce your position inbound to a no tower airport is:

3. The transponder code for MAYDAY is:

4. ATC advises you that the airport is below VFR minimums and you cannot takeoff. This means the visibility is at least less than ___ mi.

5. Standard traffic pattern turns at an uncontrolled airport are: