Atlantic Sun Airways :: Meet the staff
Atlantic Sun Airways is run by a dedicated group of individuals who are responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and day-to-day operations of the virtual airline for personal flightsim enjoyment. This group of people puts in countless hours of time and effort, expecting nothing in return but fun and enjoyment from the hobby. Here is your Atlantic Sun Airways team ...
Atlantic Sun Airways :: Sean White :: Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board
Sean White is the Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board for Atlantic Sun Airways. Involved in virtual aviation for many years, Atlantic Sun Airways was Sean's first attempt at a virtual airline, and a successful one at that. Sean lives in Atlantic Sun Airways' home town of Denver, Colorado.
Atlantic Sun Airways :: Aaron TerBest :: Co-Founder and COO
Aaron TerBest is the Co-founder and COO for Atlantic Sun Airways. Aaron has been involved with virtual aviation for many years, since the first release of the highly popular Microsoft Flight Simulator. Currently Aaron works as a line Flight Instructor for UND teaching primary, instrument, and commercial students. He graduated from the University of North Dakota's John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences in 2006, where he majored in Commercial Aviation with a minor in Computer Science. He holds a Commercial Pilot's License (single & multi engine) with Instrument rating, CFI, and CFI-Instrument.
Atlantic Sun Airways :: Leanne :: Manager Flight Scheduling
Leanne flew her first flight for Atlantic Sun Airways in March 2004. She was initially based at our Orlando Hub but later transferred to Schiphol shortly after we opened our European operations. Having an avid interest in aviation since childhood, Leanne has flown many flight simulators on different computer systems and has always dreamt of flying in the "real" world – unfortunately finances and other commitments have conspired against her. As well as flying, and taking care of Schiphol for us, Leanne also enjoys snowboarding, cycling, walking, painting and playing the guitar. She obviously likes to keep her spare time busy when she is not out on the streets, saving lives as a Paramedic - a career she has enjoyed for around 8 years. She is currently undertaking a Round-the-World trip in our very own Douglas DC-3 Dakota as it is her personal favourite aircraft of all time.
Atlantic Sun Airways :: Andy :: Hub Manager Denver / Orlando / Traininghub
(Sneaky ninja without bio)
Atlantic Sun Airways :: Charles :: Hub Manager Boston
(Sneaky ninja without bio)
Atlantic Sun Airways :: Tom :: Hub Manager Amsterdam Schiphol
Tom joined Atlantic Sun Airways in January of 2004, and flew out of the Denver hub until taking over as Schiphol hub manager in 2010. He lives in West Hartford, Connecticut, and outside of flight simulator, he enjoys following and writing about auto racing as well as numerous other sports.
Atlantic Sun Airways :: Florian :: Singapore and Rio de Janeiro Hub Manager
Florian joined Atlantic Sun as a member of the Schiphol hub in June 2009. It was his first VA even though his flight sim career started back in the days of FS 3.1 when he did his first flights on his grandfather's computer. So even before Atlantic Sun Airways he had flown thousands of hours in FSFW95/FS2000/FS2004 always expanding his knowledge about flying and aviation in general. In 2010 he decided to program a new AI for the community which later lead to programming the AIv4 officially for the airline's new flightplans in 2012 and afterwards being offered the hub manager position for the Singapore hub. When he's not flying, he spends a lot of time with his job as Information Electronic where the task of installing and caring for radiocommunication systems takes him around many places in Germany. In the spare time he hangs out with his friends and enjoys life which is best having a good BBQ and a cold Bavarian Wheat Beer!
Atlantic Sun Airways :: Scott :: Chief Engineer
Scott Bolster grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania within a stone's throw from Allegheny County Airport which acted as the catylist for his passion in all things aviation. He attended flight school from 1993 until 1996 and entered into the US Air Force in 1998 as an Air Traffic Controller. He left the Air Force in 2007 and is currently an Air Traffic Controller at Sawyer International Airport in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. Always striving for realism in flight simulator's aircraft, he began the learning process of how Microsoft applied aerodynamics and modeled aircraft systems in the game. Since the first update, he has strived to find every bit of data available to inject into his work in order to bring the upmost in realism to the Atlantic Sun Airways Community through Flight Dynamics that are as close to each aircraft's real-life's conterparts as possible without going to prison for industrial espionage.