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Online Incentive Program Announced

Atlantic Sun Airways has announced a new VATSIM and EVENTS incentive program for all member pilots.

As you may already be aware, VATSIM (Virtual Air Traffic Simulation) is a free, online network that allows pilots to connect to a local server virtually anywhere worldwide, and be directed by LIVE ATC! Flying online is 50 steps beyond flying with Microsoft’s current default Air Traffic Control, and Atlantic Sun Airways would like to share this free service with all ASA pilots by officially implementing the following incentive program:

.2 times the actual hours flown (example: 6 hours flown on VATSIM = 6 x .2 = 7.2 logged hours)

.6 times the actual hours flown (example: 6 hours flown in ASA-approved event = 6 x .6 = 9.6 logged hours)

Stay tuned for more updates regarding this program by frequently logging into the Atlantic Sun Airways forums. Additionally, please check your email often as new updates will also be made available by way of ASA’s Hub Managers.

Any questions regarding this program can be directed to Péricles de Andrade Maranhão Neto, Events Scheduler.