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Jim Kenny Hired as Director of Upcoming Training Division

Atlantic Sun Airways is proud to announce the employment of Mr Jim Kenny as the new Director of our new Training Division. Jim is an experienced pilot with approximately 1,500 hours of Flight Instruction and many, many Ground Schools. He is also a dedicated individual and wants to help bring our airline up another notch. We see a great future for the airline and the new Training Program is just another step in the right direction.

The Training Program will provide our pilots with the pre-requisite information needed to fly realistically. We will teach you the basics of flight and other more advanced subjects. We hope that it will immerse you into this wonderful hobby and help you get more out of it. Eventually, we will also have flight lessons that can be downloaded and followed and the results evaluated. We are confident that this will be a hit amongst our pilots. The Grand Opening ceremony for the new building is currently projected around April 2004. Classes should begin around May 2004.