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Mark McCoy Resigns as President of Operations

Mark McCoy announced this afternoon that he will be resigning his position as President of Operations, effective immediately. His reasons for leaving the airline are outlines in a letter that was released over the ASA forums, which has been posted below.

ASA management would like to thank Mr. McCoy for all he has done for Atlantic Sun, both in his position as president and in his position as Director of Hub Operations. Mr. McCoy brought a great deal of knowledge and fun to the airline.

No plans have been announced for a new president of operations. ASA will keep you updated on the status of this position.

From Mark McCoy:
All, something has been bothering me a great deal, and I think it’s a good time to share this burden with the rest of you. With some recent (good) changes in business, my workload has near tripled. I haven’t been able to devote the amount of time to ASA that a manager in my position should, and I want to address it before I become a dead-weight.

The person working as the President should be capable of devoting a great deal of time to work on organizational issues while also fronting community development (e.g. advertising, stock market, etc.) everywhere in the VA community. Lately, I have been unable to perform my job due to time constraints, and for the “better of the group” I feel compelled to step down as President of Operations.

I know there has been a tremendous amount of “flux” in management when one considers the recent months, and I am not pleased to add my name to the list. However, I do believe that others more capable to devoting time to these managerial facets should have the opportunity to flex their “digital muscles” and help Sean and Aaron lead ASA to the highest possible standards in the VA community.

Guys, I know this posting seems so “formal” but I have had such a tremendous respect for the ASA group, and my departure from the upper-echelons of management leaves me feeling sick to my stomach. However, I do have real-life responsibilities that far outweigh whatever success and enjoyment can be found here, and for that reason I must go.

Effective immediately, I am in resignation of my position as President of Operations for Atlantic Sun Airways leaving Aaron Terbest the keys to my office.

I will return to the pilot ranks in my favorite hub (Denver), so I won't be far. Thanks for your support in helping me be the best manager I could be.


Mark McCoy
Atlantic Sun Airways - DEN335