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Atlantic Sun Leaves VirtualAirlines.Com

Atlantic Sun Airways has officially announced that they will be leaving the ranks of VirtualAirlines.Com. This announcement came after months of discussions between ASA management officials, concerning growth of the airline and how it was being held back by the VirtualAirlines.Com organization. When Atlantic Sun joined the organization two years ago, it was recognized as the biggest and best in the VA industry. Now, however, the organization’s website has become a virtual ghost town, updated only once every few months.

CEO Sean White said that the move was in the best interest of Atlantic Sun Airways. "ASA will now be able to grow and expand as it wishes to do, free from the rules and constraints of VirtualAirlines.Com," said White.

This move means that Atlantic Sun is free to advertise and place links wherever it pleases, something which the airline was not allowed to do under the hosting of VirtualAirlines.Com. The airline can also expand as it wishes to do, including partner and code-share with other airlines without obtaining permission from its host first.

Atlantic Sun Airways will be hosted on its own servers, using the same domain name ( This move also means that ASA can have all of its services, including its website and forums, on one server.

Atlantic Sun is also announcing the arrival of a completely redesigned fleet. The airline has finally done away with all FS98 and FS2000 versions of its aircraft, and moved to an all-FS2002 fleet. Atlantic Sun now boasts what airline officials are calling one of the most realistic and impressive fleets in the hobby, thanks to fleet manager Eric Boyken.

The new fleet includes nine modern aircraft, all of which include reflective textures, night lighting, and moving parts. The new fleet includes the following aircraft: Boeing 717-200, 737-800, 747-400, 757-200, 777-300, Boeing MD-80, Airbus 319, Airbus 330-300, Bombardier CRJ-200ER, Avro RJ85, ATR-72-500, and ERJ-135.

Along with the new fleet, ASA Director of Flight Scheduling Jason Merrill has released a new version of the airline’s flight schedules, which includes fixes for certain flight times and airports, as well as accommodations for the new fleet.