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New Fleet and Schedules Arrive

Atlantic Sun Airways has announced their new fleet configuration today, as well as the addition of newly updated schedules which include new flights and accommodations for the new fleet.

The airlines’ new fleet configuration is the same size as before, however changes were made in order to more realistically work with ASA’s flight schedules. The new fleet consists of the following 12 aircraft:

Embraer ERJ-135
Canadair RJ-200ER
ATR 72-500
Avro RJ-85
Airbus 319
Boeing 717-200
McDonnell Douglas -80
Boeing 737-800
Boeing 757-200
Airbus 330-300
Boeing 777-300
Boeing 747-400

All aircraft in the new fleet include full moving parts, night lighting, and reflective textures, and were painted by ASA's fleet manager Eric Boyken. A new feature has been implemented on the ASA website which allows anybody to download category ‘A’ aircraft, and for category ‘B’ and ‘C’ aircraft a pilot ID and email address is required for downloading.

Atlantic Sun’s new schedules, Created by Jason Merrill, Director of Flight Scheduling for Atlantic Sun Airways, now contain 1,067 flights and contain several fixes and updates, as well as accommodations for the new aircraft. Another new addition to the schedules is a Hawaiian inter-island service.

There are also new international destinations as well as many new domesticexpanded services.

Atlantic Sun Aiways is pleased to annouce new and expanded service to the many destinations already offered worldwide.

New Serivce:
Singapore - Brisbane
Chicago - Colorado Springs
Chicago - Des Moines
Newark - Athens
Newark - Madrid
Newark - Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)
Orlando - Santiago (Chile)
Orlando - Santiago (Dominican Republic)
Tokyo - Kuala Lumpur
Honolulu - Melbourne

As well as inter-island service in Hawaii:
Honolulu -The Big Island (Hawaii)
Honolulu - Maui
Honolulu - Kaui
Maui - The Big Island (Hawaii)
Expanded Service
Western Samoa - Los Angeles
Atlanta - Denver
Chicago - Austin
Chicago - Copenhagen
Chicago - Grand Rapids, MI
Chicago - Knoxville
Denver - Billings
Denver - Bismarck, ND
Denver - El Paso
Denver - Fargo, ND
Denver - Garden City, KS
Denver - Grand Forks, ND
Denver - London
Knoxville - Orlando
Louisville - Chicago
New York - Rihadh
Newark - Dusseldorf
Newark - London
Orlando - Cincinnati
Orlando - Cleveland
Orlando - Mobile
Orlando - Pensacola, FL
Rihadh - New York
San Francisco - Boise
Santa Fe - Denver
Sao Paulo - Chicago
Sioux Falls - Denver
Washington - Copenhagen
Witchita, KS - Denver