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Upcoming schedule change

As most of you already guessed, there will be a new aircraft. With a new aircraft, there will be a new schedule. With a new schedule, there will be new flight numbers. With new flight numbers, there will be chaos and despair when filing flight reports from the old schedule...

Having said that...
On Saturday we'll change our schedules, so make sure to file your flight reports with flights from the current schedule NOT LATER THAN SATURDAY 19th, 2012, 08:00 UTC. If you're in the middle of a flight at that time, check the schedule page before filing the flight report. If the flight still exists in the schedule (with a different number and/or different departure/arrival times), file the flight report manually on the website and don't send the flight report with FSP or ASACARS. If you can't find the flight in the schedule (e.g. because it uses a different aircraft), send the report to your hub manager who will be able to file a custom flight report for you. If in doubt, take a day off on Saturday and get back to flying on Sunday.