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Introduction of S.E.A.Gull, fleet changes and new hub managers

S.E.A.Gull has been a long time coming, many of hours of work have gone into the new fleet, many of hours of discussions of management on the guidelines of how and what the new subsidiary should be like, now the time has come to open the doors at WSSS, Changi Intl., Singapore, where Jay Kae - as our new hub manager - will welcome you with open arms and run you through the new way of flying, the S.E.A.Gull way, come and join us in the far east and make your flying experience complete.

We are also announcing today the retirement of our MD-83. It is replaced by the CRJ-900 which is available for download from the fleet page.

Additionally we would like to congratulate Bryan Clements, former hub manager for Denver as he has been promoted to Director of Hub Operations. Sam Shotick, former hub manager for Newark, will be moving over to Denver and Sarah Cronk will take the vacant hub manager position at Newark.