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C206, TC690 and B738 update

There are two updates to the fleet's FDE now available.
While our Chief Engineer was flying the C206 in training, he was adjusting the FDE for that great little plane. So the FDE Version 2.0 is now available for download. The major enhancements are: more realistic CG modeling, better engine modeling, and most importantly, better propeller modeling. She flys very smooth and the take off accelleration is much more smooth as well. Enjoy!
Also, thanks to some feedback from our 737-800 pilots, he fixed an oversight with the crosswind behaviour. She's a lot more stable during crosswind operations now.
Last but not least, both training aircraft (C206 and TC690) have been made compatible with FSX, so we encourage all FSX users who were not able to join the training hub due to these missing aircraft to come over again and enjoy flying low and slow over the great Seattle scenery.