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Flight Policy Changes

The Executive Management at Atlantic Sun have decided on implementing a limitation on the amount of hours filed per day. Due to some suspicious pireps filed recently, we will implement an 18 hours per day policy. We believe this is an acceptable limit as real world pilots are allowed to fly only 8 hours per day. In time, this limitation will be coded into the pirep script, but for now your Hub Managers will be monitoring your pireps.

All pireps must be filed after each flight. If access to the Internet is not possible, they must be filed as soon as possible. We believe it doesn't take a lot of time to file them individually. We can understand if you forget and file two of them together, but grouping 4 or 5 pireps to file at the same time is unacceptable.

We will also reduce the 4x time rate increase policy to only 2x. If you are unable to finish the flight on that day, I would suggest saving the flight and continuing the next day. Many of you fly without accelerating the game and I would encourage the rest of you to do that. This 2x policy is in place for unforeseen circumstances and it is not the hard and fast rule for every flight.

Your Hub Managers have been informed of the decision and they will, from hence forth, reject any pirep that goes above the 18 hour per day policy, no questions asked.

We seek your understanding in making Atlantic Sun a better place for our pilots.

Thank you for understanding.