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Crackdown on "virtual terrorism"

Atlantic Sun staff members have received several disturbing emails over the last week regarding a "virtual terrorism attack" on our airline as well as the VA Noble Air.

These emails are being taken very seriously here at ASA. Our website logs the IP address of anyone who sends us an email; Our forums also log the IP address of each visitor.

We do not consider this a joking matter, nor do we think it "spices up" the VA world. This is something that we cannot ignore and we must take this seriously.

As a message to the individual(s) who have been conducting this "attack," you have been reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation - FBI ( and to your email provider (Yahoo) as well as your Internet Service Providers - ISP's. Any further action on your part(s) will be reported to the FBI, your email provider(s), and ISP'(s). Each individual action will be reported.

Atlantic Sun Airways does not participate in these kind of "games" and we are making it known that we are in no way involved with this sick person's sad little escapade.