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New V$ VASM rewards for events, screenshot contests

Tonight we are announcing a new program designed to encourage ASA pilots to trade ASA stock on the Virtual Airline Stock Market (VASM).

If an ASA approved online event has more than three legs, pilots who fly anything after leg three will receive a V$ reward. Also, if any event has 6 or more pilots participating, one pilot will be selected at random to receive a V$10,000 reward.

--Pilots will be getting regular event hours (X1.6) for the first three legs they fly for an event.

--For all legs AFTER those initial three, pilots will be getting paid in V$. They will be receiving V$3,000 for every leg starting in their 4th leg.

--If an event has 6 or more pilots, one pilot will be eligible to receive V$10,000.

We have also implimented a reward program for the monthly screenshot contest. The winner of the screenshot contest each month will receive V$15,000. You can find out more on the screenshot contests by visiting our forums.

To receive their reward, a pilot must already have a VASM account. If the pilot does not have an account with VASM prior to the time the reward is being issued, another pilot will be selected to receive the reward.

You can find out more about this program on our forums.