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Doug Stevens Resigns as President of Operations

Doug Stevens has announced that he will be stepping down from his position of President of Operations, effective immediately. Reasons for his resignation will be discussed in further detail in a letter that will be released from Mr. Stevens in the coming days.

Mark McCoy, former Director of Hub Operations, will step into the position vacated by Mr. Stevens, effective immediately.

Mark will be responsible for helping Sean White, CEO, and the rest of management run the airline and make day-to-day operational decisions. Mark will also be in charge of the upcoming VASM pay system that the airline is working on. He will also be helping with the structuring of the ASA Cargo division which will be coming in the near future.

Questions about this change can be directed to Sean White, CEO of Atlantic Sun Airways.



It has been my pleasure to be a part of Atlantic Sun Airways for the last several years – first as a pilot and then moving into management as Director of Human Resources and then since December of 2002 as President of Operations.

Effective immediately, I will be stepping down from executive management and rejoining the pilot ranks here at Atlantic Sun. My ability to commit the time and effort needed to fulfill my role has diminished and so we will make way for a new President of Operations. Stepping into this role will be current Manager of Hub Operations - Mark McCoy. I am confident that Mark will step in and “take the yoke” to guide our great organization to new heights. He continues to show outstanding leadership and I look forward to serving under him in the ranks. I am asking that all staff give Mark a hardy welcome and continue to give him your full support and cooperation.

Meanwhile, I will be able to enjoy some time in the cockpit once again and support our ASA family as all of you do by your involvement and participation as a pilot.

I want to thank everyone - fellow and former executive management and all staff - for making Atlantic Sun what it now is and for your continued effort to build toward a great future!

…See you at 30,000!

Doug Stevens Atlantic Sun Airways