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Ranking Scale Changes

Our ranking scale will be changing, effective Thursday, February 12, no later than 9:00 PM (mountain time). We have decided to change the scale because we've had pilots telling us that they feel they are not being challenged, and that once they reach a certain rank they no longer have anything to work towards. This new rank scale is slightly more challenging, while still being reasonable and fair. Two new ranks have been added... senior first officer and senior ATP captain.

This new scale will apply to all current and future pilots. Current pilots who have more than 100 hours will be awarded a 10 hour credit because of the new rank scale, because we do understand that some pilots may be dropped into a lower rank or category.

Pilots who are in category A and B need not worry, as more flights are coming and will be added to the flight schedules in the coming months. Category A and B pilots will have more flights to choose from when the schedules are updated soon.

The new rank scale is as follows:

0.0 - 9.9 : Trainee (cat. A)
10.0 - 49.9 : Second Officer (cat. A)
50.0 - 99.9 : First Officer (cat. B)
100 - 199.9 : Senior First Officer (cat. B)
200 - 299.9 : Captain (cat. B)
300 - 499.9 : Senior Captain (cat. C)
500 - 999.9 : ATP Captain (cat. C)
1,000 + : Senior ATP Captain (cat. C)
2,000 : Milestone Certificate
5,000 : Milestone Certificate

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