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Important notice regarding flight numbers!

As of Saturday, Sept. 16th, at 20:00 Zulu, Atlantic Sun's new version of the flight schedule was released. This new version is completely brand new, so all the old flight numbers now have new flights associated with them.

This could cause problems if you have not yet downloaded the newest version of the flight schedules (or ASACARS), because the flight that you think you are flying will be a completely different flight when entered into the flight report system!

We'd urge everyone to download the latest version of the flight schedules here before your next flight! If you find that you've been affected by this change, send an email to your hub manager and we'll fix it up!

With 18 years of operations, Atlantic Sun Airways is at the vanguard of the virtual aviation hobby. Utilizing the latest in technologies such as a PHP-based website, automation system, and downloadable timetable software, Atlantic Sun Airways is committed to providing pilots with the most fun, realistic and unique flight simming experience possible while maintaining an organized, professional environment. Atlantic Sun Airways utilizes a fleet of different, state-of-the art aircraft and flies a route network of over 3000 flights, while maintaining a constant roster of at least 300 active pilots - making Atlantic Sun Airways one of the most recognized and popular VAs on the net.

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