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Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums implemented

On January 20, 2004, the FAA introduced the RVSM changes. This brings the US up to most of the rest of the world in terms of the separation minimums allowed between the altitudes of 29,000-41,000 feet.

Basically, what it means is that you are now allowed to fly at the following altitudes:
  • FL290
  • FL310
  • FL330
  • FL350
  • FL370
  • FL390
  • FL410
  • FL300
  • FL320
  • FL340
  • FL360
  • FL380
  • FL400

Of course, other altitudes are still allowed, too.

If you fly on VATSIM, you should also put the letter "Q" instead of "F" in your flightplans, however VATUSA is saying it isn't required.

In a nutshell:
You get more cruising altitudes to choose from, leading to better fuel economy, while your Air Traffic Controllers will have more flexibility. It's win-win!

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