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Statement regarding ASA's VASM Action Plan

Many of you investors may have noticed that this past few weeks our stock has been climbing. In fact, that would probably be an understatement... our stock's price has been skyrocketing. The price at the moment this news release is being typed is at over $105/share, which is absurd. At prices that high our stock is no longer appealing to new investors.

Reasons for the recent surge in our stock price are currently being investigated. It is beleived that there was some "pump and dump" type of issues going on, as well as bid wars and other "illegal" activities going on by traders in the market.

We've decided to take action to help bring the price of our shares back down to a more reasonable price. Therefore a block of 10,000 shares was just released at $40/share. After discussing with various VASM staff members, as well as ASA investors, it was determined that this was the best option for us. It has yet to be determined if another block of shares at a lower price than the current market value is to be released.

Any questions regarding this matter can be forwarded to Sean White, Chairman and CEO of Atlantic Sun Airways. Click here to visit the 'Contact Us' page.

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With 18 years of operations, Atlantic Sun Airways is at the vanguard of the virtual aviation hobby. Utilizing the latest in technologies such as a PHP-based website, automation system, and downloadable timetable software, Atlantic Sun Airways is committed to providing pilots with the most fun, realistic and unique flight simming experience possible while maintaining an organized, professional environment. Atlantic Sun Airways utilizes a fleet of different, state-of-the art aircraft and flies a route network of over 3000 flights, while maintaining a constant roster of at least 300 active pilots - making Atlantic Sun Airways one of the most recognized and popular VAs on the net.

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