Atlantic Sun Airways :: FSPassengers Statistics
Flight Id: ASV3784    Flight Date: 2013-06-07    Pilot: Tim K
Aircraft Name: Atlantic Sun Airways Embraer ERJ-170
Aircraft Type: MEJ
Departure: KDFW - Dallas Fort Worth Intl - Usa
Arrival: MMMY - General Mariano Escobedo - Mexico
Departure Time: 13:00:00(18:00:00 GMT)
Arrival Time: 14:23:00(19:24:00 GMT)
Passengers: 70
Cargo: 0 lbs
Flight Result: Horrible
Take-Off Weight: 67064 lbs
Landing Weight: 62254 lbs
Take-Off fuel: 9131 lbs
Landing Fuel: 4226 lbs
TotalBlockTime: 01:26:11
TotalBlockTimeNight: 00:00:00
TotalAirbornTime: 01:17:38
TotalTimeOnGround: 00:10:39
MaxAltitude: 32020ft
LandingSpeed: 122 kt
LandingPitch: 0.38"
TouchDownVertSpeedFt: -160ft/mn
CaptainSentMayday: 0
CrashFlag: 0
PassengersOpinion: 69%
PassengersOpinionText: -Were in a better mood because they had food.
-Were angry because you made what seemed to be a dangerous landing.
Pilot Bonus: 80
PilotBonusText: You made a very nice landing. (+50)
You landed at the scheduled airport. (+30)
Pilot Penality: 600
PilotPenalityText: At arrival airport you rolled at 120 kt beyond the edge of the runway without any emergency. The landing gear sustained some damage and our company has received a fine of $1,320. (-600)