Atlantic Sun Airways :: FSPassengers Statistics
Flight Id: ASV2075    Flight Date: 2013-06-07    Pilot: John Sturm
Aircraft Name: PMDG 737-800NGX Atlantic Sun Airways
Aircraft Type: MEJ
Departure: KDFW - Dallas-Ft Worth Intl - United States
Arrival: KIND - Indianapolis Intl - United States
Departure Time: 14:19:00(19:20:00 GMT)
Arrival Time: 16:22:00(21:23:00 GMT)
Passengers: 160
Cargo: 0 lbs
Flight Result: Perfect
Take-Off Weight: 143300 lbs
Landing Weight: 132418 lbs
Take-Off fuel: 15998 lbs
Landing Fuel: 4631 lbs
TotalBlockTime: 02:06:02
TotalBlockTimeNight: 00:00:00
TotalAirbornTime: 01:44:00
TotalTimeOnGround: 00:25:57
MaxAltitude: 39022ft
LandingSpeed: 143 kt
LandingPitch: 3.49"
TouchDownVertSpeedFt: -357.69ft/mn
CaptainSentMayday: 0
CrashFlag: 0
PassengersOpinion: 100%
PassengersOpinionText: -Are pleased to have landed right on schedule.
-Were in a better mood because they had food.
Pilot Bonus: 280
PilotBonusText: Perfect Flight, no problems, and very satisfied passengers. (+150)
You landed at the scheduled airport. (+30)
Precise arrival time at destination.(-00h05:03 difference) (+100)
Pilot Penality: 50
PilotPenalityText: The landing lights must be activated when entering the runway until 10000 ft, you forgot them. Our company received a fine of $350. (-50)