Atlantic Sun Airways :: FSPassengers Statistics
Flight Id: ASV6725    Flight Date: 2013-06-07    Pilot: Hugo Taljaard
Aircraft Name: Atlantic Sun Airways MD-11F
Aircraft Type: MEJ
Departure: PXV2
Arrival: LTBA - Ataturk - Turkey
Departure Time: 05:52:00(03:52:00 GMT)
Arrival Time: 08:00:00(07:00:00 GMT)
Passengers: 3
Cargo: 117318 lbs
Flight Result: Perfect
Take-Off Weight: 612849 lbs
Landing Weight: 558325 lbs
Take-Off fuel: 245823 lbs
Landing Fuel: 189706 lbs
TotalBlockTime: 03:22:33
TotalBlockTimeNight: 00:00:00
TotalAirbornTime: 02:57:19
TotalTimeOnGround: 00:29:37
MaxAltitude: 35088ft
LandingSpeed: 153 kt
LandingPitch: 6.62"
TouchDownVertSpeedFt: -340.77ft/mn
CaptainSentMayday: 0
CrashFlag: 0
PassengersOpinion: 100%
PassengersOpinionText: -Hated that they did not see the entire movie.
-Were in a better mood because they had food.
-Were pleased by the music on ground. A very nice addition to their flying experience.
Pilot Bonus: 377
PilotBonusText: Perfect Flight, no problems and very satisfied passengers. (+150)
You landed at the scheduled airport. (+30)
Long flight (02h57) without using time acceleration, without any problems and with satisfied passengers. (+147)
Very bad weather conditions during take-off, but a safe landing and satisfied passengers. (+50)
Pilot Penality: 0