Welcome to Atlantic Sun Virtual Airline
We are based out of four main hubs - Denver, Orlando, Boston and Amsterdam Schiphol. Additionally, we started operating out of Singapore Changi Intl. under our LCC brand S.E.A. Gull in 2008 and expanded into Central and South America with Azteca Sol in 2019.

Founded in September of 1998, Atlantic Sun continues to strive for excellence, and we continue to meet our ultimate goal each and every day - to provide pilots with a realistic flight experience while maintaining an organized and professional environment. Atlantic Sun Airways is definitely a one of-a-kind virtual airline. Offering nearly unlimited numbers of flights per day, using different state-of-the-art aircraft, we provide an enjoyable and fulfilling virtual pilot experience.

We support FS2004, FSX and P3D (to some extend). Additionally, we are gradually releasing textures for aircraft designed for X-Plane (v10 / v11).

Join today - we would love to have you as part of the team.
Atlantic Sun Airways... 'Expect more'.

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• Textures for the PMDG MD11F (FS9 / FSX / P3D) ... (more)
• Textures for the FeelThere ERJ-135 (FS9 / FSX / P3D) ... (more)
• Textures for the iFly B-747-400 v2 (FSX / P3D) ... (more)
• Textures for the PMDG B-777-300ER (FSX / P3D) ... (more)

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Atlantic Sun welcomes
Latest Denver pilot
Thomas joined 2021-03-30
United States
Latest Boston pilot
Darrell joined 2021-04-11
United States
Latest Orlando pilot
Paul joined 2020-12-02
United States
Latest Schiphol pilot
Frank joined 2021-05-31
Latest Singapore pilot
Casey joined 2020-01-14
Latest Rio de Janeiro pilot
Charlie joined 2011-07-21
United States
Atlantic Sun :: Top Pilots
Denver's Top Pilot (Jun. 2021)
Cliff, 110 hrs (23,478 total)
Boston's Top Pilot (Jun. 2021)
Doug, 245 hrs (11,442 total)
Orlando's Top Pilot (Jun. 2021)
Paul, 5 hrs (188 total)
Schiphol's Top Pilot (Jun. 2021)
Steven, 33 hrs (9,538 total)
Rio de Janeiro's Top Pilot (Jun. 2021)
Charlie, 65 hrs (11,672 total)
Atlantic Sun :: Latest Flight Reports
Latest Denver Flight Report
Pilot: Cliff
Flight #: 1011 (A-380-800)
Departed: 1620 from VHHH
Arrived: 0535 at KLAX
Hours: 13.3
Latest Boston Flight Report
Pilot: Brett
Flight #: 5075 (ERJ-170)
Departed: 1346 from KBOS
Arrived: 1527 at KPIT
Hours: 1.7
Latest Orlando Flight Report
Pilot: Ryan
Flight #: 3288 (A-319-100)
Departed: 1251 from MYNN
Arrived: 1458 at KCLT
Hours: 2.1
Latest Schiphol Flight Report
Pilot: Steven
Flight #: 1337 (B-777-300)
Departed: 1032 from EHAM
Arrived: 1104 at KSEA
Hours: 9.5
Latest Singapore Flight Report
Pilot: Dinko
Flight #: 1999 (A-330-300)
Departed: 0945 from WSSS
Arrived: 1548 at YPPH
Hours: 5.1
Latest Rio Flight Report
Pilot: Charlie
Flight #: 2241 (B-767-300ER)
Departed: 1720 from SEGU
Arrived: 2211 at KMIA
Hours: 3.9